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Journalism Event Requirement Information for Students

Journalism majors and minors enrolled in the journalism classes listed below are required to participate in two journalism department approved events each semester. Events are posted here as they are made available. There will be a sign in sheet at each event where you can check off the journalism classes that you are enrolled in.

The Journalism Department Event Requirement has been suspended for the COVID-19 pandemic and will resume when we return to campus.


Courses with Event Requirement

Jour 221 Newswriting
Jour 226 Digital News Gathering
Jour 300 Reporting
Jour 310 Ethics
Jour 320 Investigative Reporting
Jour 321 Feature Writing
Jour 330 Editing
Jour 335 Photo II
Jour 395 Online Journalism
Jour 400 Multimedia Journalism
Jour 426 Data Journalism
Jour 427 Media Entrepreneurship
Jour 435 Photo III
Jour 450 Publication Design and Graphics


Jour 500 Contemporary Magazines
Jour 535 Photo IV
Jour 560 Investigative Reporting
Jour 570 Opinion Writing
Jour 575 Community Media
Jour 582 Social Media Journalism
Jour 595 Magazine Writing
Jour 609 Publication Lab
Jour 667 Literary Journalism
Jour 680 Advanced Multimedia