Student Publications - Golden Gate Xpress

Xpress Publications and its staff members are dedicated to providing an independent and accurate information source for the San Francisco State University campus and the greater Bay Area community.

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The department hosts three student-run and managed publications.

These publications are designed to be lab courses where students can experiment with the latest trends in the field. Sometimes Xpress is way ahead of the field.  Students in the magazine class developed an iPad application, something very few publications had done at the time. Faculty advisors are constantly encouraging students to push the envelope, but decisions always rest with the students.

To serve on the publication, students must complete the Jour 300: Reporting course with at least a C.

Xpress Newspaper

Xpress Newspaper is published weekly.

Xpress Online

Xpress Online is updated daily during the regular school year.

Xpress Magazine

Xpress Magazine is published two-three times a semester.