Accreditation are an ACEJMC (Accrediting Council for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication) accredited program, one of eight in California and one of six in the California State University program. As an accredited program we are bound to uphold nine journalism education standards:

  1. Policies and practices that result in a fairly administered working and learning environment;

  2. A strong curriculum and instruction that encourage learning, and prepare students for work in a diverse society;

  3. A diverse and inclusive program that serves and reflects society;

  4. A faculty (full and part-time) appropriately balanced with academic and professional credentials;

  5. A department that supports faculty scholarship and professional development;

  6. Student services that support learning and timely completion of the program;

  7. Adequate resources and equipment to fulfill the department’s mission;

  8. A department that advances the journalism profession and serves its community, alumni and the larger public;

  9. A department that regularly assesses student learning and uses the results of that assessment to improve the curriculum.

If at any time during the program you believe we are not living up to these standards, come to the chair’s office and let him or her know.

Accreditation & Graduation Rates

To see three, four, five and six year continuation/retention and graduation rates of First-time Freshman and transfer students beginning 2012 through 2023, please view the attached pdf files.