Forms and Petitions

Advising Folders

Advising folders are kept on Box. An advising folder is kept for each Journalism major. They are used to keep track of the major requirements that students have fulfilled. Students and their advisors can refer back to the advising folder so that they know which requirements still need to be met. Please refer to the curriculum changes for Print/Online majors and for Photojournalism majors.

2017 Advising Folder (Blank) (docx)
2019 Advising Folder (Blank) (docx)
2020 Advising Folder (Blank) (docx)
2021 Advising Folder (Blank) (docx)
Journalism Minor Advising Folder (Blank) (docx)

Advisor Request Input Forms

Advisor Requests are initiated by an advisor/department to request a change to the student’s Degree Progress Report (DPR). This is handled electronically and replaces the paper forms that were used to request changes. Uses for Advisor Requests include changing the bulletin year, using an approved transfer course for a require course, and having an elective course count toward a major requirement. An example for an elective course being counted toward the major requirement would be JOUR 605. Some students use this for a capstone and it does not appear in the student’s DPR as having fulfilled the first semester or second semester capstone requirement, so an Advisor Request would need to be completed in order for it to count on the DPR. Please check over your major requirements in your DPR to see if there are any red boxes that should not be there and notify the department right away. In order for the department to submit an Advisor Request we will need an Advisor Request Input form (pdf) to be completed. Please complete the form with your major advisor and have him or her sign the form. Once the form has been signed please email the form to for processing.

Field Trip Form

Field trip forms are required to be completed before the field trip occurs. Please email the field trip form to your instructor for their records, unless otherwise directed.

Journalism Major Academic Planner

The Journalism Major Academic Planner form can be used to keep track of a student’s unit total (overall total, total for major and total for non-journalism units). It can also be used to keep track of the remaining major courses needed and to map out which semester the courses will be taken. If you would like to have your completed Journalism Major Academic Planner form (pdf) included in your advisor folder, please email a copy to

Liability Form

Liability forms are required to be completed before the field trip or off campus event occurs. Please email the liability form to your instructor for their records, unless otherwise directed.

Print/Online and Photojournalism Sequence Roadmaps

The sequence roadmaps for the Print/Online and Photojournalism majors can be used to plan out which semesters majors courses should be taken.

Print/Online Sequence Roadmap (pdf)
Photojournalism Sequence Roadmap (pdf)

Print/Online and Photojournalism Transfer Roadmaps

The transfer roadmaps for the Print/Online and Photojournalism majors can be used to plan out the transfer courses being used towards the major.

Print/Online Transfer Roadmap (doc)
Photojournalism Transfer Roadmap (doc)


The following forms can be found on the Registrar's website:

  • Student Petition Checklist 
  • Steps for Processing a Petition 
  • Exceed Maximum Units Petition
  • Exceed 13 Units (Students Under Academic Probation)
  • Independent Study Petitions
  • Waiver of College Regulations Petition
  • Withdrawals

Please note:

  • Unofficial transcripts are REQUIRED to be submitted with all petitions. You can obtain your unofficial transcript through your Student Center.
  • Note about filling out petitions: Please download the file and use Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader to fill in the petition. Any petitions filled in using "preview" come up blank when opened by the recipient of the petition and cannot be used.
  • Please email if you have questions about petitions.

Changing your Major to Journalism or Adding Journalism as a Minor

Students who want to major or minor in journalism should look over the requirements in the current SF State bulletin:
• Journalism Minor
• Photojournalism Major
• Print and Online Journalism Major

We also suggest reading the Journalism Student Handbook (pdf) to find out what a Journalism major/minor entails.

If you decide that the program is right for you, you may make the change in your student center. Journalism majors must have a GPA of 2.0 or above.

Please refer to our list of approved minors for Journalism majors.

Information on how to declare/change your major/minor to Journalism via your Student Center can be found on the Registrar's Major/Minor webpage.


The documents on this website/webpage might not be fully accessible to persons with disabilities. If you experience difficulty in accessing this content, please contact the Department of Journalism by email at and we will provide you with accessible alternatives.