Holding Police Accountable

Wednesday, April 26, 2023
Event Time 12:30 p.m. - 01:45 p.m. PT
Location HUM 308
Contact Email jgarnier@sfsu.edu


Reporting on law enforcement is important, challenging and multidimensional. Learn from our panel approaches, methods, and priorities for holding law enforcement accountable through breaking news, long form, and multimedia reporting.

Scheduled panelists:

  • Cerise Castle, Producer, "A Tradition of Violence: The History of Deputy Gangs in the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department"
  • Dana Amihere, AfroLA
  • Scott Morris, Vallejo Sun

This event will count toward the Journalism Event requirement. Please sign in through the QR code posted in the room and notify your journalism professors that you attended.

This event is also available via Zoom: https://sfsu.zoom.us/j/82745213403?pwd=MEUyOHJiazAzaEJ4MzBwakR6cWNtQT09.

If attending via Zoom, then please email amberw@sfsu.edu with proof of attendance.

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