Join students in a trip to KQED

Event Date: Tuesday, November 27 - 4:00 pm
Location: 2601 Mariposa St, SF, 94110


Dan Brekke, news editor, will show students the offices of KQED. Dan has worked in media ever since Nixon’s first term, when newspapers were still using hot type. He had moved on to online news by the time Bill Clinton met Monica Lewinsky, having worked at the San Francisco Examiner, Wired magazine, and Wired News. He’s been at KQED since 2007, as an enthusiastic practitioner of radio and online journalism. He also helps with KQED’s internship program. Dan and a team of reporters received the Society of Professional Journalists’ Norcal Excellence in Journalism Award in 2012. The award was for Explanatory Journalism for KQED’s “Water and Power” series, which explores the relationship between water and power, and the policies required to manage both.

* Students need to arrange their own transport to KQED’s offices; meet at KQED offices (55 min. by public transit): 2601 Mariposa St, SF, 94110

You will need to fill out an SF State field trip form. Email