Project Funds

The Fran Ortiz Photojournalism Fund

Photojournalism students can receive up to $5,000 to produce significant journalistic projects that sheds light on marginalized populations. Fran Ortiz was the first faculty member to teach a photojournalism course in the Department of Journalism. He was committed to ensuring our students learned to report from a diversity of perspectives.

Hollis Family Fund

Editors work beyond the class credit they receive for their coursework. This fund provides financial support for the editor in chief of Xpress newspaper and Xpress magazine. The fund was started by Robert Hollis, a former editor of the Golden Gator.

The Ramirez Diversity in Journalism Fund

The San Francisco State University Department of Journalism mourns the loss of long-time faculty member Raul Ramirez. Raul passed away on November 15 at home. Raul was KQED Radio's Executive Director for News and Public Affairs and was to receive the career achievement award from the Society of Professional Journalists of Northern California at its awards ceremony November 19. p>Before passing Raul gave a generous gift of $25,000 to create The Raul Ramirez Diversity in Journalism Fund. The fund will support an annual award to honor a journalism student whose work exemplifies the importance of diversity in all journalistic endeavors and in the lives of communities. Raul - one of our most popular and admired lecturers for three decades -- touched the lives of hundreds upon hundreds of our students, infecting them with his enthusiasm for journalism and commitment to diversity. The awards program will promote Raul's vision for journalism into the future.