Students to Attend College Media Convention in D.C.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Thanks to a generous contribution from an anonymous donor, 11 students received travel scholarships to attend the Associated Collegiate Press-College Media Association's annual Fall National College Media Convention (NCMC) in Washington, D.C., Oct. 31-Nov. 3.

The convention is designed to give students the opportunity to learn from industry experts across the country and network with other student journalists.

The convention’s career expo gives students the chance to meet with representatives from The New York Times, The Chronicle of Higher Ed, POLITICO, Gatehouse Media and other employers.

Former CMA presidents SF State Journalism Department Chair Rachele Kanigel and Kelley Lash, the director of student media at Rice University in Houston, are the convention’s co-directors.

The Journalism Department’s newest faculty member, Assistant Professor Josh Davis, will present at the pre-convention workshop Storytelling for Video Journalists.

Assistant Professor Laura Moorhead, who will be advising Golden Gate Xpress next semester, will also attend.

"I'm thrilled that our students will get this opportunity to attend the convention," Kanigel said. "In the past, we've occasionally had students go to college media conventions, but they usually had to pay their own way."

Amelia Williams, editor-in-chief of Xpress magazine, knows how hard it is for students to figure out ways to attend events that have financial obligations.

“If there wasn't help, none of us would be going,” Williams said. “I know how many of us work alongside going to school and it’s really hard sometimes to not have to sacrifice my livelihood for a career opportunity.”

Kanigel said the convention “gives students the chance to hear from some of the top professionals in journalism today, including Marty Baron of The Washington Post, CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip, and NPR legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg.”

Students will also network with other student journalists from around the country.

“I hope our students will come back inspired to do great journalism," Kanigel said.

The Journalism Department is thankful to the generous donor who is helping our students take advantage of the myriad career and learning opportunities this convention has to offer.

“I am beyond excited and so proud of what we have done this semester so far in Xpress,” Williams said. “I am psyched not only to represent my city and school but the values that have guided my time as an SF State student and journalist-in-training. Eternal gratitude to the donor, and a warning to D.C.: We're coming!”