One Student’s Scholarship Success Story

Monday, March 26, 2018

Being a student often feels like throwing cash down a bottomless pit. Everywhere we turn, we’re shelling out for tuition, books, equipment, transportation, not to mention simple everyday needs.
The prospect nearly caused me to give up on my wish to finish a long overdue bachelor’s degree in journalism. Imagine my relief when the Department of Journalism announced that I was the winner of the 2017-2018 Otto J. Bos Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Journalism. I could hardly believe it when I was told the award would cover a full year’s in-state tuition fees of $7,250.
And to think, I almost didn’t bother applying. Like many students, I was aware of SF State’s scholarship opportunities. But also like many students, I told myself I’d never make the cut against really stiff competition. I imagined that I would put in a ton of work only to be rejected.
Thankfully, journalism department Chair Cristina Azocar persuaded me otherwise. She urged me to apply saying that, as unlikely as it may seem, some SF State scholarships receive very few applications, or even none at all. So I dove in. It turned out not to be such a hard process after all. Once I got the hang of it, I ended up submitting half a dozen.
Each scholarship has specific requirements — some simply inquire about financial need, others require an essay. My winning entry asked for an essay analyzing the strengths, weaknesses or problems associated with news media performance.
So I’m a believer. It turns out that taking the time to fill some forms and craft a few essays really can land students anything from a few hundred dollars to a fully paid tuition. And the journalism department offers workshops to ease the way through any intimidating aspects. Watch for a schedule of workshop dates and places in your SF State email.
Students don’t need to take on the entire financial burden alone. There are plenty of opportunities for relief thanks to a wide variety of San Francisco State University scholarships. Deadlines are fast approaching, and students are urged to apply now for a helping hand in their education.
Photo courtesy of Sylvie Sturm.