Academic Advising

Journalism majors and minors are strongly encouraged to consult with a faculty adviser every academic year. Professor Kim Komenich advises all photojournalism students. Advisers are assigned by the department office at the junior and senior level. Freshman and sophomores may pick their own adviser, but will be assigned a new one in their junior year. Please pick up an advising folder from the department office before your first appointment. It’s important that this folder be returned to the office as soon as it has been filled out by your adviser.

Advising is required for upper division students. Seniors will have mandatory advising in the fall semester and junior in the spring semester. You will receive a notice from the department, generally by email, notifying you of the deadline by which you must have completed advising. If you do not complete the advising in time, you risk losing your early priority registration for classes for the next semester. Once advising is complete, your adviser will sign off on an advising sheet, which you must then submit to the department office. If the department does not get this sheet, the hold will not be lifted from your registration and you won’t be able to register for your classes. These advising sessions are not meant to be punitive. In fact, students have found that it is very helpful to come in and plan out their academic careers.

Your visits with an adviser do not have to be restricted to the curriculum. Advisers can also help you figure out what path you should take in your career. The advisers have had long journalism careers and know a lot about where the profession is going, so use their knowledge and expertise to your advantage. This is how you begin to mold your future career.