May 2019

  1. May 9

    ‘You aced life, my friend’: A tribute to Oak Leafer Thomas de Alba

  2. May 8

    How El Tecolote Flooded the Mission’s Media Desert

  3. May 2

    Jailene Escutia-Chavez is the Journalism Department 2019 Honoree

April 2019

  1. Apr 19

    Announcing the 2019 Juan Gonzales Fellowship Recipient

  2. Apr 11

    SF State Alumni Awarded Journalism Department Outstanding Alumni of 2019

March 2019

  1. Mar 28

    Covering the Border and the Asylum Crisis from a Bilingual, Bicultural Perspective Conference

  2. Mar 21

    Photojournalism Alumnus Chosen for Prestigious Review

  3. Mar 15

    Josh Davis Joins Journalism Faculty Fall 2019

  4. Mar 4

    SF State Student Places First in CCMA Contest

January 2019

  1. Jan 11

    'Dr. Phil' Helps Gators Get TV Careers Off to a Healthy Start

August 2018

  1. Aug 21

    Journalism Grad Karen Datangel Talks About Her Career at Salesforce

May 2018

  1. May 14

    Dedication to diversity earns Celine Wuu the Otto Bos Scholarship

  2. May 14

    Journalism Scholarship and Grant Winners

April 2018

  1. Apr 27

    Journalism instructor wins Pulitzer Prize

  2. Apr 20

    Journalism Associate Professor Honored For Research Article on Black Steelworkers and the Wealth Gap

  3. Apr 16

    Young Photographer Shares Her Wisdom with SF State Journalism Students

  4. Apr 2

    Celebrated Documentary Photographer Talks Ethics

March 2018

  1. Mar 26

    One Student’s Scholarship Success Story

  2. Mar 19

    SF State Professor Talks Diversity in the News on 50th Anniversary of Report Denouncing Inequalities

February 2018

  1. Feb 28

    SF State Journalism hires assistant professor to help launch Spanish-language program in the fall.

July 2017

  1. Jul 28

    Journalist Sylvie Sturm wins Otto Bos memorial scholarship

May 2017

  1. May 22

    The State of the First Amendment: Business as Usual or Panic in the Streets

March 2017

  1. Mar 29

    First Exposure: An SF State Photojournalism Showcase

  2. Mar 16

    Japanese Americans see history repeating itself

January 2017

  1. Jan 25

    Raul Ramirez Internship Offers Lessons about Journalism, Diversity and Life

  2. Jan 12

    Fall 2016 Alumni Newsletter

August 2016

  1. Aug 25

    Avery Peterson wins Otto J. Bos Memorial Scholarship

June 2016

  1. Jun 8

    Get Up Close with Revered Photojournalism Professor Ken Kobré

March 2016

  1. Mar 7

    Journalism Student Alex Welsh Chronicled San Francisco's Island of Poverty

February 2016

  1. Feb 25

    Professor Komenich's Pulitzer-winning Photography Revisited in Opinion Piece

  2. Feb 25

    Alum Suzanne Ashe Named Editor of Chugiak-Eagle River Star

  3. Feb 25

    Professor Komenich Revisits Philippine Revolution Through Pulitzer-winning Photos

  4. Feb 10

    Professor Cunningham on 'Odd Todd': A Northern California Legend

January 2016

  1. Jan 4

    Alum Kathy Ostram Recalls Covering Monterey Pop Fest for Student Newspapers

December 2015

  1. Dec 10

    Professor Cunningham on Surf at the 'Impeccable Maverick's'

November 2015

  1. Nov 3

    Alum Juan De Anda Helms Culture and Arts Sectino of SFBay

October 2015

  1. Oct 27

    Alum Richard Hanner Named Editorial Content Director of Gold Country Media

  2. Oct 16

    Nevada Press Association Names Alum Sandy Lopez a Journalist of Merit

  3. Oct 12

    Alum Jose Antonio Vargas: Congress' Disarray Linked to Changing U.S. Demographics

  4. Oct 2

    Professor Komenich Mentored Photojournalist Jessica Lifland

September 2015

  1. Sep 23

    Professor Cunningham May Snag Emmy Monday Night

  2. Sep 18

    Alum Meghan Dubitsky's Project Revelation' Delves into Post-apocalypse

  3. Sep 16

    Alum Sam Molmud Wins SF Weekly Award for Best Drink Publication

  4. Sep 14

    Professor Kanigel Discusses Challenges for College Newspapers

  5. Sep 9

    Oscar Gutierrez Receives Otto J. Bos Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Journalism

  6. Sep 2

    Professor Cunningham: From the Emmys to Big-Wave Photography

August 2015

  1. Aug 31

    Catching the Big Waves with Surf Photographer, Professor Sachi Cunningham

  2. Aug 4

    Professor Wagner: Tech Industry Short on Diversity, Same with News Media

July 2015

  1. Jul 31

    Alum Robert Hernandez Wins Teaching Award from Society of Professional Journalists

  2. Jul 30

    Rapid Career Rise for Alum Sara Donchey, New TV Anchor in Houston

  3. Jul 29

    Alum Chloe Johnson to Cover Crime for Napa Valley Register

  4. Jul 6

    Longmore Institute Advises Professor Cunningham on 'Crutch' Documentary

June 2015

  1. Jun 24

    'Grimm' to Gelato: Alum, Actor Randy Schulman Opens Food Truck

  2. Jun 23

    Professor Funabiki Speaks at Bay Area Book Festival

  3. Jun 11

    Professor Venise Wagner: Reporter Covered San Francisco's Black Community in 1990s

  4. Jun 2

    Professor Jon Funabiki, Alum Jan Ellison Featured at Bay Area Book Festival

May 2015

  1. May 27

    Alum Eric Newton Named Innovation Chief at Arizona State's Journalism School

  2. May 21

    Journalism Professor Yvonne Daley Earns Fond Farewell

  3. May 15

    Alumni Newsletter from San Francisco State University Journalism

  4. May 4

    Gifts for Your Gator graduate

April 2015

  1. Apr 28

    Traumatic Brain Injury Changed Alum Bryan Logan's Life

  2. Apr 21

    Student Journalists Use 'Restorative Narrative to Report on Fukushima

  3. Apr 20

    Alum Robin Gordon Jons Data Instincts

  4. Apr 1

    Alum Matt Saincome Helms SF Weekly Music Blog

  5. Apr 1

    Alum Dan Verel Started His Journalism Career at City College of San Francisco

March 2015

  1. Mar 16

    Professor Wagner: Diversity in Journalism Involves Culture, Depth, Thought

  2. Mar 5

    Alum Barbara Szabo Goes Emo at Taking Back Tuesday

February 2015

  1. Feb 27

    Alum Amy Alexander: Whither Black San Francisco, From a Native's Perspective

  2. Feb 23

    Alum Kathy Ostram Remembers Late Guitarist Sam Andrew

  3. Feb 20

    Student Reporting on Fukushima Aftermath Cited as Example of 'Restorative Narratives'

  4. Feb 6

    Alum Elly Bethune Launches 9th&Elm, Taking Independent Fashion Mainstream

January 2015

  1. Jan 28

    The Hard Times: Alum Matt Saincome's Launches Satirical Punk Rock News Site

  2. Jan 27

    Kim Komenich Named to SF State Photojournalism Teaching Post

  3. Jan 20

    Alum Eric Louie No Longer Selling Sunday Newspapers on City Street

  4. Jan 5

    Alum Doug Menuez's Rare Photos Shed Light on Steve Jobs, A Young Silicon Valley

December 2014

  1. Dec 17

    Students Document Fukushima Survivors' Stories

November 2014

  1. Nov 21

    Alum Yasuhiro Seo, a Venture Capitalist, Participates in Jakarta Startup Conference

  2. Nov 18

    Professor Funabiki: Journalists Can play Pivotal Role in Detroit's Rebirth

  3. Nov 14

    Documentary Based on Professor Medsger's Book About FBI Break-Ins

  4. Nov 13

    Professor Funabiki: Nichi Bei Weekly Reinvented as Cultural Institution

October 2014

  1. Oct 23

    Alum Justin Mott: Ex-bartender Mixes Emotions, Photography

  2. Oct 22

    2014 Excellence in Journalism Awards

  3. Oct 14

    Alum Kristin Bender, Bay Area Reporting Veteran, Joins Associated Press

  4. Oct 9

    Lecturer Fariba Nawa Speaks at Palm Springs Writers Guild

September 2014

  1. Sep 29

    Clash of Powerful Pictures in Alum Justin Mott's TV Program

  2. Sep 23

    Can You Outshoot Photojournalism Alum Justin Mott? See on History Channel Asia

  3. Sep 23

    Alum Justin Mott to Judge History Channel Asia's 'Photo Face-Off'

  4. Sep 19

    Professor Kanigel: Design Thinking Leads to Aha Moments

  5. Sep 18

    Former Journalism Lecturer Raul Ramirez Refused to be 'Stenographer to the Powerful'

  6. Sep 16

    Associated Press Names Alum Maya Alleruzzo as Middle East Regional Photo Editor

  7. Sep 4

    Professor Wagner Comments on George Will's Apparent Conflict of Interest

August 2014

  1. Aug 25

    Professor Daley Reflects on Her Interviews with Senator Jim Jeffords

  2. Aug 21

    El Tecolote, Founded by Former Instructor Juan Gonzales, Turns 44

  3. Aug 20

    Journalism Partners with San Francisco Chronicle for Online Project

  4. Aug 20 Hires Alum Al Olson as Managing Editor

  5. Aug 19

    Alum Justin Mott’s Journey from Block Island to Vietnam

  6. Aug 18

    Dept seeking candidates for tenure-track positions in Journalism/Photojournalism

  7. Aug 5

    Alum Alex Welsh's Photojournalism Work Plays Role in Police Officer's Hearing

  8. Aug 4

    Grad Brian Rinker Honored by San Francisco Peninsula Press Club

  9. Aug 4

    Professor Medsger Goes Inside Hoover's FBI

  10. Aug 4

    iQ 360 Hires Alum Marielle Atanacio as Graphic Designer

  11. Aug 4

    Professor Kanigel's Tips for Training Next Generation of Foreign Correspondents

  12. Aug 4

    Professor Kanigel: On Being a Foreign Correspondent

  13. Aug 4

    Meet MedCity News' Newest Technology Reporter: Alum Dan Verel

  14. Aug 4

    Former Professor DeVigal Joins Oregon Faculty

  15. Aug 4

    Former Professor DeVigal named to Journalism Post at Oregon

  16. Aug 4

    Student Ernesto Morales Interns with Sacramento Bee

  17. Aug 4

    Professor Kanigel Interviews Corey Ford of Matter

June 2014

  1. Jun 5

    Alexander Montero wins Otto Bos Scholarship, Judges Also Choose Three Finalists

  2. Jun 4

    Six SFSU Students Selected for Fukushima Storytelling Project

  3. Jun 4

    Tokyo Journalist Briefs SFSU Students Headed to Disaster Area

  4. Jun 4

    National media group spotlights Dilena Takeyama Center project on the disaster in Fukushima

May 2014

  1. May 28

    Brian Rinker Overcomes Heroin Problem to Graduate from College

  2. May 27

    Students Create Magazines from Scratch, Pitch Them to Pros

  3. May 27

    Professor Wilson Spreads the Gospel of LinkedIn for Journalists

  4. May 16

    Alum Jose Antonio Vargas' Documentary Preaches to the Choir

  5. May 13

    'Documented': Alum Jose Antonio Vargas on New Film

  6. May 13

    Documentary '1971' Inspired in Part by Professor Medsger's Reporting

  7. May 9

    Learning When 'Intern,' 'Advocate' Collide in Journalism

  8. May 9

    Bayview-Hunters Point Documented in Alum Alex Welsh's Intimate Photo Essay

  9. May 2

    Alum Jose Antonio Vargas' Documentary Succeeds in 'Pulling Heartstrings'

April 2014

  1. Apr 29

    Deceased Cyclist Was Interviewed in 2006 by Golden Gate Xpress

  2. Apr 28

    Alum Yevgeniy Sverdlik Named Data Center Knowledge Editor in Chief

  3. Apr 28

    Deceased Bicyclist Featured in Student Newspaper

  4. Apr 25

    Photojournalism Alum Alex Welsh Explores San Francisco's Bayview-Hunters Point

  5. Apr 21

    Burglary of FBI Office Still Resonates, Covered in Professor Medsger's Book

  6. Apr 17

    Alum Michelle Manafy: Mobile-First Isn't Enough for Publishers

  7. Apr 17

    Professor Emerita Medsger: 'The Burglary' and Theft of Privacy

  8. Apr 17

    Professor Emerita Medsger Discusses Discovery of Secret FBI

  9. Apr 16

    Live Stream: Celebrating Dissent with Betty Medsger and The Burglary

  10. Apr 15

    Fukushima project grant announcement

  11. Apr 11

    Alum Thomas Hurst Invents Special iPhone Lens

  12. Apr 9

    On the Bookshelf: New Work by SF State Faculty

  13. Apr 7

    SFBay Founder Jesse Garnier, Journalism Alum and Professor, Leads Grant-winning Team

  14. Apr 7

    Alum Casey Mills Was First Managing Editor of Beyond Chron

  15. Apr 7

    Journalism Department is One of 12 Winners of $35,000 Challenge Grants

  16. Apr 7

    Journalism Department wins grant to develop app to guide student reporters

  17. Apr 4

    SF State Wins Grant to 'Hack' Journalism Education

  18. Apr 3

    Professor Kanigel Comments on Chevron's Community News Website

March 2014

  1. Mar 25

    Alum Jose Antonio Vargas: Undocumented and Unafraid

  2. Mar 24

    Professor Kanigel Discusses Meshing Reporting Skills, Multimedia Storytelling

  3. Mar 24

    Professor Kanigel Discusses Meshing Reporting Skills, Multimedia Storytelling

February 2014

  1. Feb 26

    Alum Astrid Riecken wins White House News Photographers Association's top awards

  2. Feb 24

    SF State Gator Mascot May Get the Boot, Xpress Reports

  3. Feb 24

    SF State Gator Mascot May Get the Boot, Xpress Reports

  4. Feb 20

    SF State's Golden Gate Xpress Reports Possible Demise of University's Gator Mascot

  5. Feb 20

    SF State's Golden Gate Xpress Reports Possible Demise of University's Gator Mascot

January 2014

  1. Jan 14

    Professor Emerita Betty Medsger Writes 'The Burglary'

  2. Jan 14

    Professor Emerita Betty Medsger Writes 'The Burglary'

  3. Jan 13

    Professor Medsger Writes Book 'The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover's Secret FBI'

  4. Jan 13

    Professor Medsger Writes Book 'The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover's Secret FBI'

  5. Jan 2

    Merry Chrismakkuh! Alumni Scott Burry, Dani Vernon Create Interfaith Holiday Card

  6. Jan 2

    Merry Chrismakkuh! Alumni Scott Burry, Dani Vernon Create Interfaith Holiday Card

December 2013

  1. Dec 11

    Lecturer Raul Ramirez: 'Our Leader, Our Guide, Our Moral Compass'

  2. Dec 11

    Lecturer Raul Ramirez: 'Our Leader, Our Guide, Our Moral Compass'

  3. Dec 10

    Alum Stephen Babuljak Returns to SF State for Photography Project

  4. Dec 10

    Alum Stephen Babuljak Returns to SF State for Photography Project

  5. Dec 10

    Professor Wilson is Judge in American Pundit Contest

  6. Dec 10

    Professor Wilson is Judge in American Pundit Contest

  7. Dec 10

    Lecturer Raul Ramirez's Scholarship Fund Raises $10,000 in One Week

  8. Dec 10

    Lecturer Raul Ramirez's Scholarship Fund Raises $10,000 in One Week

  9. Dec 10

    'Power of Voices': Inspiring Last Words from Lecturer Raul Ramirez

  10. Dec 5

    Holiday Gift Ideas by Professors McBride, Caspers, Orner, Kobre

  11. Dec 4

    Lecturer Raul Ramirez's Last Words: 'Journalism Has Always Been About the Power of Voices'

November 2013

  1. Nov 20

    SF State Mourns Death of Longtime Lecturer Raul Ramirez

  2. Nov 20

    Journalism Lecture, Diversity Advocate Raul Ramirez Dies

  3. Nov 18

    In Memoriam: Lecturer Raul Ramirez

  4. Nov 18

    Lecturer Raul Ramirez Won Distinguished Service to Journalism Award Before His Death

  5. Nov 18

    In Memoriam: Longtime Lecturer Raul Ramirez

  6. Nov 18

    Lecturer Raul Ramirez Created Diversity in Journalism Fund at SF State

  7. Nov 15

    We mourn the loss of Raul Ramirez, SF State Journalism Professor since 1983

October 2013

  1. Oct 23

    Pioneer Television Journalist Belva Davis Returns to SF State

September 2013

  1. Sep 24

    Reward at Sonoma Raceway Honors Alum John Cardinale

  2. Sep 20

    Alum Jose Antonio Vargas: 'I want to disrupt what you think'

  3. Sep 17

    Alex Emslie Graduates from SF State with Honors

August 2013

  1. Aug 29

    Alum Danielle Steffenhagen Part of New Dynamic Duo at Centel Media

  2. Aug 29

    Alum Danielle Steffenhagen to Step Down as CEO of Centel Media

  3. Aug 29

    Professor Emeritus Johnson Serves on Board of KSFR Radio

  4. Aug 22

    Professor Kanigel Takes ieiMedia Students to Jerusalem for Reporting Project

  5. Aug 13

    Professor Wilson Presents LinkedIn Training for Journalists

  6. Aug 13

    Xpress Coverage of SF State Bookstore Cited in Salon Article

  7. Aug 6

    Facebook CEO Speaks Out for Immigration Reform with Alum Jose Antonio Vargas

  8. Aug 1

    Renaissance Journalism Center's Thuy Vu Writes About Ongoing U.S.-Vietnam Reconciliation Process

  9. Aug 1

    Alum Jose Antonio Vargas Joins Silicon Valley Immigration Debate

  10. Aug 1

    Alumna Carolyn Copeland: 'I see my brothers' in Trayvon Martin

July 2013

  1. Jul 11

    Professor Daley is Founder, Director of Green Mountain Writers Conference

  2. Jul 2

    Professor Wilson Discusses Ethical Issues with Newspaper Publisher's Deal with Singer

June 2013

  1. Jun 27

    Journalism Center Adapts to Changing Media Landscape

  2. Jun 21

    Alum Jose Antonio Vargas' Journey 'Documented'

  3. Jun 20

    Alum Jessica Schimm Explains Why San Francisco College Graduates Have It Made

  4. Jun 19

    Alum Jessica Schimm Writes About San Francisco Dating Scene for College Students

  5. Jun 19

    Alum Jessica Schimm on Financially Surviving San Francisco as a College Kid

  6. Jun 17

    Alum Jose Antonio Vargas Speaks at DeAnza Commencement

  7. Jun 14

    Alum Brian Babcock Named Saratoga Administrative Analyst

  8. Jun 12

    Journalism Department Praises Contra Costa College Student Newspaper

May 2013

  1. May 24

    Daniel A. Nelson wins Otto J. Bos Memorial Scholarship for Excellence in Journalism

  2. May 14

    Alfonso Solis, Juan De Anda Among Graduates to be Honored at Commencement

April 2013

  1. Apr 24

    Student Ben Pack Shows Off His Height on Blog

  2. Apr 16

    Gil Riego Jr. Named Student Photographer of the Year

  3. Apr 11

    Alum Saeed Shafa Launches Tiburon International Film Festival

March 2013

  1. Mar 27

    Alum John Cardinale was 'one of a kind'

  2. Mar 25

    Alum John Cardinale of Sonoma Raceway Dies

  3. Mar 25

    Alum John Cardinale Will Be Well Remembered Around the Track

  4. Mar 25

    Alum, Sonoma Raceway executive John Cardinale Dies After Battle with Cancer

  5. Mar 20

    Alumni Hall of Fame Honors Graduates' Major Accomplishments

  6. Mar 19

    Major Gifts Announced at Alumni Hall of Fame Dinner

  7. Mar 11

    Student Journalist Joe Fitzgerald Comments on Facebook Confessions

  8. Mar 8

    Talk with Social Worker/Novelist Includes Preview of New Journalism Class

  9. Mar 8

    Alum Kari Christensen Tends Bar at Mauna Loa in Marina District

February 2013

  1. Feb 28

    Alumni Hall of Fame welcomes new inductees: Lisa Cholodenko, Al Martinez, Bernard Bragg, Judy Marcus

  2. Feb 25

    Alum Khari Johnson Wins National Award from America Online

  3. Feb 22

    Student Paper Addresses Controversy Over President's Harlem Shake

  4. Feb 22

    Belva Davis' Papers May Be Housed at SF State

  5. Feb 13

    Professor Kanigel Writes About Unpaid Internships

January 2013

  1. Jan 22

    Professor Azocar Named Interim Journalism Department Chair

  2. Jan 15

    Iconic Journalist Belva Davis' Archives to be Housed at SF State

  3. Jan 10

    Alum Madeline Janning Interns at The Bold Italic

  4. Jan 9

    Journalism Student Wins High Honor

December 2012

  1. Dec 17

    CIIJ is undergoing a transformation

November 2012

  1. Nov 26

    Alum JR Valrey to be Honored at Black Media Appreciation Night

  2. Nov 20

    SF State Student Paper Wins Awards

  3. Nov 15

    Mojo Interactive Editor Tells Students to Do What Feels Comfortable

  4. Nov 15

    Student-Founded Photo Collective Showcases City's Quirks, Beauty

  5. Nov 14

    Student Newspaper Named Among Nation's Best

October 2012

  1. Oct 9

    You are Invited to Join Us in a Global Conversation “On Cities”

  2. Oct 2

    The Journalism Department Celebrates 50 years

  3. Oct 2

    Alum Florence Ion at Ars Technica

  4. Oct 2

    Reportero Screening

September 2012

  1. Sep 28

    Alum Jose Antonio Vargas: California Bill Would Halt Unfair Deportations

  2. Sep 4

    In Memoriam: Herb Colton

August 2012

  1. Aug 29

    President Les Wong on Being ‘a Catalyst for a New Vision’ at SF State

  2. Aug 20

    Student Matt Maxion Discusses Speaking with a Stutter

July 2012

  1. Jul 23

    On the Bookshelf: New work by faculty in Journalism and Classics

  2. Jul 6

    The Bard of L.A.: Alum Al Martinez

  3. Jul 6

    SF State in the News

  4. Jul 6

    The Legacy of Robert A. Corrigan

June 2012

  1. Jun 28

    SF State 3rd in U.S. for Communication, Journalism Degrees to Minorities

  2. Jun 25

    Alum Jose Antonio Vargas on Growing Influence of Wealthy in Education

  3. Jun 20

    SF State Journalism at the 52nd Annual Hearst Journalism Awards

  4. Jun 20

    Alum Jose Antonio Vargas Talks to Bill O'Reilly

  5. Jun 5

    Professor Tom Wheeler's rocking road to Oregon University

May 2012

  1. May 30

    Community photojournalist looking for community support

  2. May 21

    Experts to talk insurance at Power Breakfast today

  3. May 21

    Alum Casey Pratt: What we know about the A's

  4. May 17

    Bay Area repertory film picks, May 17-20

  5. May 16

    Reporter who revealed undocumented status to speak at UC Santa Cruz

  6. May 15

    Graduating College Student Speaks: I've Made a Huge Mistake

  7. May 10

    Anthropology Lecturer Sheila Tully discusses faculty pickets

  8. May 9

    CSU Faculty Stage Pickets Across State, Ready to Strike

  9. May 9

    Gifts for the graduating gator

  10. May 8

    In new documentary, snapshots of photojournalists on the job - Los Angeles Times

  11. May 7

    Book Review - Videojournalism by Kenneth Kobre - Internet Video Magazine

  12. May 3

    Obama to Arianna: Is Huff Post ‘hard-hitting’ journalism? - City Brights: Yumi Wilson - an blog

  13. May 2

    Jose Antonio Vargas named SF State's 2012 Alumnus of the Year - SF State News

  14. May 1

    ‘Deadline Every Second’: Visual Storytelling from the Los Angeles Times

  15. May 1

    Students honored for skill in taking news to the Web - | News, Sports, Jobs, Visitor's Information - The Maui News

  16. May 1

    Professor's latest film profiles photojournalists - San Francisco State University

April 2012

  1. Apr 17

    Deadline Every Second: On Assignment with 12 AP Photojournalists

March 2012

  1. Mar 15

    SF State Journalism Department Speaker Series Presents: Richard Gingras

September 2011

  1. Sep 7

    Journalism Department iPad app Recognized

May 2011

  1. May 17

    Xpress Magazine launches first digital issue for the iPad

April 2011

  1. Apr 27

    Renaissance Journalism Center announces its new Media Tool Kit

March 2011

  1. Mar 9

    Media Analyst David Weir: Journalism & The Tablet

February 2011

  1. Feb 8

    Golden Gate[X]press launches new website!

October 2010

  1. Oct 8

    Department Alumnus Pens Eloquent Bio of Baseball Legend

September 2010

  1. Sep 29

    So Long, Farewell…

August 2010

  1. Aug 10

    Michael Moss Wins Pulitzer and Journalism Department Honor

  2. Aug 9

    Got an idea? Then let us know at SF News Hub

  1. Alumni Newsletter from San Francisco State University Journalism

  2. Dept seeking candidates for tenure-track positions in Journalism