San Francisco Magazine Internship


We're looking for highly motivated interns to help produce our
award­-winning monthly city/regional magazine. Primary duties are
fact-checking, research, and writing web content, with occasional
opportunities for writing print stories and taking on more
responsibilities, depending on experience. We cover a wide range of
subjects‹food, style, arts, news, trends, politics, travel‹ and interns
have a rare opportunity to be exposed to the full spectrum of journalism.
Interns get a first-hand look at magazine production through
participation in editorial meetings and working with editors, and often
help report service features on local business, the arts, nightlife, and
shopping. Attention to detail, commitment to accuracy, and a dedication
to journalism are important. Writing and/or editing experience required.
Interns should have solid reporting and research skills and be able to
handle multiple deadlines at once. Must be a current student or enrolled
in some form of educational course. This is an unpaid position; we
require a commitment of no less than 24 hours per week. Interested
candidates should email a resume, cover letter, two writing samples, and
two sample story pitches to