Policies on Missed Deadlines, Misspelled Names and Factual Errors

Missed Deadline

To set the tone of what is expected for journalists in the professional world, faculty have established a policy that penalizes missed deadlines, factual errors and misspelled names. If you miss a deadline, you will receive a zero on the assignment. If some unforeseen emergency like death or illness in the immediate family occurs, let your instructor know and he or she will work with you. But the reasons have to be pretty grave for missing a deadline. If you are having trouble tracking down sources, it is up to you to communicate this with your instructor before the assignment is due.

Misspelled Names and Errors of Fact

Mistakes are bound to happen, but in journalism, a mistake can be costly. It can cost you, the reporter, and the news organization, their credibility. Unfortunately, these kinds of errors are often repeated digitally or in print several thousand times. So take care with the details. Any story submitted for a grade with a misspelled name or major error of fact will receive an F for that assignment.