Expectations of Students

We understand that students in the journalism department have certain goals in mind when they choose to join the program. While we can help you meet your academic and career goals, you must also be an agent of your own success. That means being engaged in learning. We believe that an essential trait of a good journalist is curiosity. Your curiosity can lead you down many interesting paths. Use this same curiosity in the classroom. This means coming to class prepared, having read assigned readings, meeting deadlines, and having good questions for the instructor during class time. Be the agent of your own success. The faculty has established rules and policies that are well established in the journalism profession. We see our job as preparing you for real world experience. So understand these rules and policies in that context.

Journalism Department Code of Ethics and Conduct

Journalism plays an important role in our democratic society and therefore must uphold the highest ethical standards.

Policies on Missed Deadlines, Misspelled Names and Factual Errors

Mistakes are bound to happen, but in journalism, a mistake can be costly.

Department Policy on Use of Anonymous Sources

The department discourages the use of anonymous sources except when the story cannot otherwise be done.

Two Degrees of Separation Rule

If you’re serious about journalism, you must talk to people outside of your circle.

Use of Technology in the Classroom

If the instructor allows you to use cell phones and computers during class, you still need to pay attention.

Tardiness and Attendance

Attendance is essential to success in the classroom.

Illness and Leave from a Course

It is important to let an instructor know about any long-term illnesses that may affect your ability to attend class and perform well in the class.