Changing your major to Journalism or adding Journalism as a minor

Changing your major to Journalism or adding Journalism as a minor

Because the Journalism major is in high demand, students who want to change their major to journalism or add journalism as a minor must complete the following steps:

1. Find out if Journalism is the right major for you by clicking here

2. Read the Journalism Student Handbook to find out what a Journalism major/minor entails. The link to the PDF can be found on the department homepage

3. Complete Eng 214.

4. Enroll in Jour 205 Social Impact of Journalism, Jour 221 Newswriting, Jour 222 Newswriting Lab. Please note that Jour 222 is not required for the minor. If you have completed these courses at a community college, you may skip to step 5a.

5. After the 11th week of the semester in which you are enrolled in the courses above (or have already completed them if you took them in separate semesters) make an advising appointment with the Journalism Department chair. Bring a change of major/addition of minor form to this meeting.

a. To sign up for advising with the chair, go to: Click Sign In and Create a New User Account.
b. If you have more than 96 units, you will need to complete this form Students wishing to enter the major who have more than 96 units will need to have *successfully completed* all of the courses above before adding Journalism.