Activities Outside of Class

One of the unique things about the Journalism program at SF State is friendships that are started here usually last for a long time. Faculty is very attentive. And because you spend so much time with the same people in your classes, you are bound to develop some deep friendships. The department also hosts some amazing events, allowing students to meet professionals in the field who are doing some incredible things. These events also offer you an opportunity to meet some of your peers in the program. Look out for the fliers for more details about events and speakers who have great insights to share with you. The department also hosts workshops where you can learn the ins and outs of specialized tools that can be useful for journalism. Check the bulletin boards for these opportunities. Finally, the department’s Media Innovation Speakers Series is a good event to watch out for. We have had well-known writers such as author Ethan Watters come talk to our students, as well as ESPN sports journalists Howard Bryant. So keep your eyes pealed.