Bayview-Hunters Point Documented in Alum Alex Welsh's Intimate Photo Essay

May 9, 2014

THE BOLD ITALIC -- Welsh focused on the neighborhood when he was in school at San Francisco State University and continued his documentary series for a couple years afterwards. His intimate images capture residents at equally intense and celebratory moments — freezing their expressions and close interactions at funerals and dance parties, family gatherings and playground fires. While he was working on this series, he bounced around San Francisco, living in the Sunset, Hunters Point and the Richmond. But something about the Bayview-Hunters Point kept his focus there. “I first came to [Bayview-Hunters Point] to shoot a story exploring the high levels of asthma and cancer rates in the neighborhood and their relation to the contaminated naval shipyard,” Welsh said. “But once I started interviewing residents and exploring the community, I became curious about many of the pressing social issues the community faced.”