Alum Michelle Manafy: Mobile-First Isn't Enough for Publishers

April 17, 2014

PBS MEDIASHIFT -- Journalism graduate Michelle Manafy, editorial director of the Online Publishers Association, wrote a guest post about “mobile-first” strategies in the publishing industry. “While many are waiting for ‘the year of mobile’ to finally arrive, that very idea may have already become passé. As comScore revealed in its new research, ‘although smartphones have been in the hands of consumers for a long time, these devices, now along with tablets, have probably never had a more drastic impact on consumer behavior.’ “So yes, certainly, mobile is important. And perhaps a mobile-first strategy can help print-first thinkers get on the digital-is-essential-wagon (better late than never). However, at our recent Online Publishers Association Tech Day — a members-only event for education and information sharing — a recurring theme among presenters was that mobile-first won’t move media fast enough to keep pace with consumer behaviors and expectations.”