Alum Thomas Hurst Invents Special iPhone Lens

April 11, 2014

LOS ANGELES TIMES -- I met Thomas Hurst while we were students at San Francisco State University in the early 1990s. The photojournalism program there was well respected, and more important, we had the city of San Francisco as our laboratory. Thomas and I both dove headfirst into the city. We ended up working together at the Boston Globe for a time before Thomas left for Seattle. We lost contact for several years while I moved to Washington, D.C., and eventually back home to California to work for the Los Angeles Times. Thomas and I are both lovers of street photography, so when he sent me an email about the COVR photo lens case, an iPhone lens he had invented, I was intrigued and happy to try it out. COVR is a right angle lens that allows a photographer to disguise where the camera is pointed.