Journalism Department is One of 12 Winners of $35,000 Challenge Grants

April 7, 2014

AMERICAN JOURNALISM REVIEW -- Twelve universities won $35,000 grants Friday in the inaugural year of the $1-million Challenge Fund for Innovation in Journalism Education. The program, administered by the Online News Association, was set up by a consortium of foundations to foster a “teaching hospital model” of journalism through live news experiments. Organizers announced the winners during the Journalism Interactive 2014 conference in College Park, Maryland. After sorting through 125 applications, ONA operations director Irving Washington said the organizers had such difficulty choosing just 10 winners that they expanded the pool to 12. They expected about 40 applications. “It tripled our expectations,” Washington said. “We were really amazed by the type of projects that people proposed and submitted.” San Francisco State University: “Newspoints”: Can a mobile- and web-based organizing tool improve reporting and get student journalists into the field more quickly?