Professor Kanigel Comments on Chevron's Community News Website

April 3, 2014

MEDIA MATTERS -- Some local journalism veterans were critical of the Richmond Standard site, saying it may mislead some readers. “To the casual observer who just happens upon this, it looks like a community news website, it says Richmond Standard community-driven news,” said Rachele Kanigel, an associate professor of Journalism at San Francisco State University and a former reporter at the nearby Oakland Tribune and Contra Costa Times. “For the uneducated media consumer, it looks like a news website that people might not realize where it’s coming from.” Kanigel cited the problematic relationship Chevron has had with Richmond and wondered how the site would cover another negative story about the location. “I’m interested to see what happens the next time there is a Chevron disaster because there have been a lot of them. How will the Richmond Standard cover this when an event happens?” she asked. “Chevron has a very tortured history with Richmond.”