Professor Kanigel Discusses Meshing Reporting Skills, Multimedia Storytelling

March 24, 2014

PBS MEDIASHIFT -- When I studied journalism in the 1980s at San Francisco State University, where I now teach, the curriculum was limited to print journalism. We learned how to report and write; we studied media law, history and ethics; and by the end of senior year, we felt reasonably well-equipped to work as reporters. Ah, those days! Now journalism students must learn not just how to report and write for print but how to capture and edit photos, audio and video. They are expected to master social media and data analysis and be prepared to produce content for print, broadcast, online and mobile media. They also must be agile and flexible enough to handle the new technology that will inevitably emerge in the coming years. Last fall, my colleague Jesse Garnier and I launched an experiment: We paired one section of our introductory multimedia skills class, Digital Newsgathering, with our boot-camp Reporting class.