Lecturer Raul Ramirez's Last Words: 'Journalism Has Always Been About the Power of Voices'

December 4, 2013

KQED -- Last week, Ramirez wrote remarks in preparation for a ceremony to award him the 2013 Distinguished Service to Journalism Award. San Francisco State University Professor Jon Funabiki will read the speech. Ramirez passed away last Friday at his home in Berkeley, at age 67. “...This became a master narrative about my work. And I came to feel that journalists must also be generous, thoughtful, civic-minded and caring. Even now, with an Internet explosion that gives every voice more power than it ever had and raises new and vexing questions about the true role of a journalist, it is these values I hope to encourage with the creation of the Raul Ramirez Fund for Diversity in Journalism at San Francisco State University. I have endowed this fund to promote the journalistic values — diversity and excellence — that have been at the core of my entire professional career, and to do so long after l am no longer able to personally advocate for them....”