SF State Mourns Death of Longtime Lecturer Raul Ramirez

November 20, 2013

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- Since his passing Friday, the Raul Ramirez Diversity in Journalism Fund has raised an additional $10,000 through donations from alumni, friends and other journalism professionals in lieu of flowers and gifts at his request. “His biggest impact was in teaching diversity to all his students and making sure that it was infused in the stories that they were writing and reporting,” said Azocar, also a former student of his in 1993. She remembers Ramirez as a tough instructor who wasn’t afraid to return assignments covered in red ink if it meant his students could further hone their craft and tell stories that would otherwise go unnoticed. “He really made you work for every line that you wrote and he gave amazing feedback, but you knew that what he was asking you to do was to make your story better and publishable,” Azocar said.