In Memoriam: Longtime Lecturer Raul Ramirez

November 18, 2013

SAN JOSE MERCURY NEWS -- Former student Jackie Backman said Ramirez’s influence on his students’ writing and journalism skills were unparalleled. While he was intimidating and expected the best of his students, she said, he never wavered in doing anything he could to help them achieve what he expected of them. “I just don’t see the journalism industry having another Raul. Ever,” she said. “The legacy he left behind will be carried out for years to come because his students all absorbed what he had. And we are going to pass that down the ” In a tribute video posted to YouTube just a week before his death, San Francisco State Journalism Department Chair Cristina Azocar said Ramirez’s greatest gift to the journalism profession was that everyone thought him a “consummate gentleman” and that he always instilled that in his teaching and his actions.