Alum Jose Antonio Vargas: 'I want to disrupt what you think'

September 20, 2013

THE SHORTHORN (UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS, ARLINGTON) -- For the last 20 years, Vargas has lived in the United States, his life has been full of irony. With his fake documents, he was able to obtain a real social security number. He began a career in journalism, a field established on telling the truth, by lying about his immigration status. Now, after revealing his status through a New York Times essay in 2011, Vargas is the face of undocumented immigrants, though he says he loathes the thought of being placed on a pedestal. Vargas, who is the first guest in the Maverick Speakers Series starting September 24, said he wants to have a conversation with students, especially those against immigration reform. “My goal has been to kind of disrupt what you think of immigration and what you think of people like me,” Vargas said. Vargas did receive a scholarship to pay for tuition, lodging and books at San Francisco State University.