Alum Jose Antonio Vargas Joins Silicon Valley Immigration Debate

August 1, 2013

SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE -- Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg — one of the world’s richest tech innovators — will break new ground August 5 by speaking publicly for the first time on a political issue when he delivers an address on immigration reform in San Francisco at the West Coast premiere of a film about undocumented immigrants. “It’s a dramatic move, and it tells you we’re at a critical moment in this issue — it’s all hands on deck,” said immigration activist Jose Antonio Vargas, who wrote and directed the film, “Documented,” which details his experience as an immigrant living illegally in the U.S. His film, which premiered on the East Coast last month at the American Film Institute’s documentary festival, won raves. In the film, Vargas, who attended Mountain View High School and San Francisco State University, relates how he has been unable to visit his homeland and see his mother for 20 years, “because there is no guarantee I would be allowed back.”