Alum Jessica Schimm on Financially Surviving San Francisco as a College Kid

June 19, 2013

7X7 -- Jessica Schimm is a beloved 7x7 online intern who recently graduated from SF State. This is the first of three posts she'll be writing about what it's like to navigate the tough patch of life between college and the real world, without completely freaking out. My roommate and I recently made the trek down to our apartment complex basement (think Shutter Island), only to find that the only two open washing machines would not read our pay card, and a mouse scurrying from under a machine that was, for lack of a better term; convulsing. I stood there and laughed. This was definitely not what I had in mind when I had my bags packed for my new life in San Francisco. I will be the first to admit that I came from somewhat of a privileged background, and that facing the realities of the city was a harsh, but necessary awakening.