Student Ben Pack Shows Off His Height on Blog

April 24, 2013

SF WEEKLY -- Virality is kind of a white whale in the Internet world. It's hard to engineer — though many have tried — and it often smiles on those who least expect it. Take Ben Pack, for instance, the 6-foot-10 San Francisco State Journalism student whose claim to fame is, well, that he’s 6-foot-10. Two weeks ago, the 23-year-old senior made a Tumblr about it, after walking into a parking lot and realizing that he was tall enough to stand eye-to-eye with the “clearance” for truck beds. Clearly, he had something to show the world. He used his Reddit platform to spread awareness about a heart condition called Marfan Syndrome which hospitalized him in December — It’s a connective tissue disease that plagues the freakishly tall. He also started an Indiegogo campaign to send himself to Japan this fall, where he can stand next to many more people and things that are much shorter than he is, and document them.