Belva Davis' Papers May Be Housed at SF State

February 22, 2013

DIVERSE ISSUES IN HIGHER EDUCATION -- The first in her immediate family to graduate high school, Belva Davis was elated at receiving a letter of acceptance in the 1950s from what was then San Francisco State College. But she couldn’t afford tuition and never enrolled. Instead, Davis unexpectedly became a pioneering, award-winning, television journalist. Recently, she and San Francisco State University officials have discussed the possibility of the institution housing a digital archive of her papers, documenting not only her five-decade career in Northern California, but also the struggles accompanying racial integration of the news industry. Davis’ distinctions include becoming the first black, female, television reporter in the west U.S. when she joined the San Francisco CBS affiliate in 1967. This weekend, newsmakers and Davis’ colleagues and friends will pay tribute to her at a fundraising event to finance the archive, as well as to start a journalism scholarship in her name.