Student Paper Addresses Controversy Over President's Harlem Shake

February 22, 2013

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- First, a brief explanation of how I came to be writing you this letter. Last Saturday, our blog editor, Matt Saincome, wrote a post on The Swamp challenging Wong to participate in the viral video if we could get 100 people to tweet him with the admittedly-silly-but-seemingly-innocuous hashtag #ShakeItWong. The internet, as it has a tendency to do, transformed silliness into popularity and, by Monday, the 100-tweet threshold had been passed. Wong made good on his word and informed us that, Friday at 2 p.m., he would come down from the administration building and, both literally and rhythmically, get on the students’ level. Meanwhile, criticism arose in the journalism department, all of which was well-chronicled on The Swamp. Some questioned whether we could maintain a professional distance from the president while calling him to take part in a goofy dance video, and whether our ability to hold the administration accountable was compromised by doing so.