Professor Kanigel Writes About Unpaid Internships

February 13, 2013

PBS MEDIASHIFT -- Associate Professor of Journalism Rachele Kanigel writes a feature story about unpaid internships. “Unpaid internships are nothing new in journalism, particularly in the magazine and television sectors of the industry. For years, enterprising college students have spent their summers fetching coffee, making copies, transcribing recorded interviews, fact-checking articles, and sometimes writing and shooting photos for major media outlets, all with the goal of breaking into the journalism business. “In many cases, these eager interns have worked for free, sometimes spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on airfare, tuition for college credit, and pricey summer apartments. “Now a trio of class-action lawsuits — one settled with the Charlie Rose Show late last year and two others pending against Fox Searchlight Pictures and Hearst Magazines — have reopened the debate over the legal and ethical ramifications of unpaid internships.”