President Les Wong on Being ‘a Catalyst for a New Vision’ at SF State

August 29, 2012

GOLDEN GATE XPRESS -- The student newspaper lands an exclusive Q&A; with new President Les Wong.

“I hope that students will see that I’m really about their experience. Whether it is in the research labs, dancing, playing volleyball, throwing a ball, ballet, doing physics. That, for me, I can honor their work by being present. I’ll be at volleyball games, I’ll be at theater presentations.

“To me, that’s important. This sounds kind of hokey, but when I was young and playing baseball, my father worked his buns off creating opportunity for us, and for him to be dog-tired and to show up to watch me play baseball, that was all I needed. I think in many ways I learned that with students, I would be disrespecting you if I said, ‘I’m proud that I’ve never read the Xpress.’”