CIIJ is undergoing a transformation

December 17, 2012
Rachele Kanigel

The Center for Integration and Improvement of Journalism (CIIJ) is undergoing a transformation. Cristina Azocar will be stepping down as director of the center to serve as interim chair of the department while Chair Venise Wagner is on leave during the spring semester. Rachele Kanigel will be serving as interim director of the center during this time. Journalism faculty has been re-imagining the focus of the center and decided this month to turn the center's attention to journalism entrepreneurship. While still maintaining the mission to diversify journalism, Professor Kanigel will develop an incubator for innovation and will roll out seed projects to help inspire students to think more about the journalism entrepreneurship, the intersection of journalism and technology, and journalism of the future.

We are very excited about this change and look forward to all the new ideas that will come of it.